Post Noms Thoughts

US-ENTERTAINMENT-OSCAR-NOMINATIONS1. JOAQUIN!! I’m so incredibly thrilled that he got a nomination. In my opinion he gives the finest performance of the year by a male and quite possibly the finest I’ve seen in quite some time. His SAG snub and his chronic problem of talking too much shit had gotten me worried that AMPAs would snub his ass. But they didn’t! And I’m ecstatic. Let us all pray to the powers that be that he pulls off a win (wishful thinking but just do it).
2. Additionally, can I just add that the lineup for Best Actor is amazing?! I was expecting John Hawkes to get in over Cooper just because Cooper’s got that pretty boy thing going on that voters like to reject (a la Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling). Having seen all five, it’s the strongest batch of nominees in years, especially seeing as AMPAs love shitty gratuitous nominations all the time in regards to Best Actor (a la Morgan Freeman in Invictus, Jeff Bridges in True Grit, Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). On a tangent, the lineup for Best Supporting Actor is pretty damn good as well, minus Arkin and include just about any other contender and I’d have shat my pants.
3. NO MARION COTILLARD!! After getting BFCA, GG, SAG, and BAFTA nominations I thought she was a shoo-in. Such a shame that she continues to go nomination-less after taking home the trophy five years ago. (I personally felt she should have gotten a Supporting nod for Nine). Here’s to Cotillard being excellent next year in Nightingale and here’s to AMPAs getting their heads out their asses and giving her a second damn nomination.
4. QUVENZHANE WALLIS. I suppose I shouldn’t really bitch because I haven’t seen Beasts of the Southern Wild yet, however, if history repeats itself I won’t be enjoying her performance as I usually never enjoy child performances (i.e. Keisha Castle-Hughes). They just feel so contrived and I can’t take them seriously because I know they’re too young to fully understand/throw themselves into the characters they’re playing like an older actor would. And the fact that she got the spot at my precious Marion Cotillard’s expense is only going to put her at an even bigger disadvantage when I begrudgingly get around to watching Beasts. Enjoy the Oscars you little brat! </uncalledforandunfairhate>
5. JACKI WEAVER?! “Are you shitting me right now?” said me when they announced her name. I heard rumors that she might happen, but I refused to believe it. She didn’t do much in her film and felt like filler to me. But she happened. And here she is, a two-time nominee. (An impressive feat for an actress who no one knew three years ago). And what’s more, this is probably at the expense of NICOLE KIDMAN!! I was most passionate about Phoenix, Cotillard, and Kidman getting in but I suppose I’ll have to deal with 33%. What annoys me is that a performance like Weaver’s had to get in when there was better performances out there to nominate. You can’t seriously sit me down and look me in the eye and tell me that you thought Jacki Weaver was one of the best supporting perfs in 2012, that Jonah Hill’s was one of the best in 2011, that Helena Bonham Carter’s was one of the best in 2010, that Matt Damon’s was one of the best in 2009…(you get the idea), but year after year one of these always gets nominated and I’m always bitter because of it. Come on AMPAs, if you can’t always elect the best to win you can at least nominate a solid field of nominees. </endrant>
6. LINCOLN GETTING NOMINATED FOR EVERYTHING. Look. Lincoln is a well made film and is superbly acted and all, but sweet Jesus was it slow. I was barely able to stay awake while watching it, which is sad seeing as watchability is a critical criteria for me when picking Best Picture faves. Hopefully they choose more entertaining and fascinating fare for the win and Lincoln doesn’t win all the Best Picture prizes available this season.

Well…that’s all the major points I wanted to cover. I realized I haven’t seen 4/5 of the Best Actress nominees while I’ve seen just about everyone else. Pondering whether I should do a 2013 profile but at the moment I’m working on 1930. Cheers!


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