Best Actress 2012 – She’s Baaaack


I for one am stoked that Jessica Chastain is getting another shot at Oscar gold this year. After a banner year where she was every single female supporting role in every single film produced in 2011, I thought she’d be away from the awards circuit for at least 1 season. But here she is! It’s looking like a battle between Maya and Tiffany for the win and I’m excited to see how it all unfolds. But really, just the idea of getting to see Chastain pop up at all the awards ceremonies again makes me real happy.



Best Actress 2012 – it begins!

DBS2%20085%20Rachel%20Weisz%20(Hester%20Collyer)It’s that time of year again! That wonderful 3 month period where the “best” films of the last 12 months are released in a condensed amount of time, and nominations/wins for the best are declared by countless groups from all over the globe. The New York Film Critics Circle was the first prominent group of the bunch, and the most surprising win was bestowed upon Rachel Weisz for her leading performance in Deep Blue Sea. Now color me surprised as I wasn’t expecting Weisz to be a contender for anything this year–she only won because Jennifer Lawrence, Emmanuelle Riva, and Jessica Chastain split the votes–and regardless I predict that she probably won’t win any other major award from here on out, but could she snag that tricky 5th nominee slot? I didn’t pay much attention when she got a spot on The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable, and again when she got a mention by Ralph Fiennes on Variety’s Actors on Actors…so perhaps I’m underestimating her?



Hi. I’m Allen. Welcome to my blog.

67119_10152111742035603_1577224884_nIt’s about the Oscars. Why? Because ever since I was a little boy, I’ve loved awards shows; I loved stars and glam and I loved seeing people winning shit because they’re deemed the “best” at what they do. Naturally I ended up loving the Oscars the most because it is the mother of all bodies that give out gold prizes from an entertainment aspect. Somewhere along the way, I grew into a pretty big cinephile, and now I obsess over the Oscars because I love quality films, I love amazing actors, and I love a kick-ass performance that wows me. Awards season (roughly the months of September through the end of February) is a time where I get to thrive; I run around watching all the movies, I declare my favorites, and I pray to the powers that be that my picks gets nominations and subsequent wins. When it all goes right, it’s like heaven on Earth. When it all goes wrong (Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, 2009), I’m a bitter mess.

More about myself. I’m a college student. I’m temporarily living in a smallish city for my education, and I have regular dreams of getting the hell out of here and moving to a huge metropolitan area (L.A. or N.Y.C.) after my schooling is done to find me a job in entertainment. I love burritos and sushi, I can really hold my liquor well, and I’m practically just as obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race (the greatest show in the history of television) as I am with the Academy Awards (but that’s another blog for another time). I had a blog just like this one except it was on Blogger, and I was moderately active on it for about a year up until mid last year when I went through a personal life crisis. That was certainly the darkest time of my young life and I came out of that experience a substantially more mature person. I opted to begin a different blog instead of going back to the old one because I wanted to start fresh with this newfound sense of liberation.

So here it is. Whether you’re here because of my old blog or you just stumbled across this from god knows where, I welcome you. And I hope you enjoy and stay with me as I trek through the rich 80+ years of Academy Award winning performances.